Chemical Disaster Clean Up

All disasters call for their own special needs and services. PowerPlus stands by ready to contribute to those needs. Our solutions can range from full-deployment for remediation / decontamination, or down to training your workers to handle the issues themselves along with sending over specialists who can be a support line for you in your time of need. All these different services are at your fingertips and just a phone call away. If you have questions or would like to know more

about the remediation process, feel free to browse this web-site or call PowerPlus at your convenience. We do our best to inform and educate our clients in the different processes available. All of our teams are HAZWOPPER, certified and are ready to handle any radiation or biological disaster thrown at them. We can operate as a first responder to your problems, or simply be a remediation team that helps with reclaiming your lands and infrastructure.

Deployment Options
Full Deployment
Full Team Deployment
Full remediation / decontamination teams stand ready. We can come in, verify the level of contamination or levels of damage and report back to local government or businesses. PowerPlus can immediately begin the process of reclaiming the lands and produce no landfill waste during the process. Having full support teams also means that no additional support will be required during the process and is all inclusive. A certification of cleanliness is available for all areas that have been decontaminated by our certified teams.
Cross Team Deployment
Cross Team Demployment
With our technology and your workers, we can work together to decontaminate your lands and homes. PowerPlus will send training teams and supervisors to watch over your workers and train them in the decontamination process, while our professional certified technicians ensure the work is done correctly.
Rental Deployment
Rental Deployment
Our certified trainers/specialists can be deployed to watch over your workers and verify that the process is complete, along with training them in those techniques. The work is up to the employees to complete in the entire process. Additional purchase of necessary equipment may be obtained through PowerPlus.