Natural Disaster Clean Up

PowerPlus is a leading-edge company in development and implementation of first response remediation and decontamination technologies that spans the world. We work hard to keep up with the latest trends and technologies many of which we are responsible for setting. Our company uses our own patented technologies which allow us to

What that means to the ground worker is the ability to quickly decontaminate and certify a given area without the need of extra support or tons of heavy equipment. This also means that you can have your grounds, buildings, trees, even pets decontaminated

without having to remove them or produce radioactive waste. Waste that pollutes the ground and creates landfills that would require up to 1/30 of Japan as a whole to contain the amount of topsoil and rubble that would be created during the demolition to reclaim the land.

Our technology allows you to leave that land intact and usable without the added expense of rebuilding a perfectly good structure. You can keep your lands and feel safe with our technology and certification process. If you have questions, feel free to contact us! We are ready and standing by to answer your questions and help you through your time of need.

Prodigy Bio
Prodigy Bio

This machine was developed specifically for disaster relief and remediation. Being built of stainless steel this machine can be ready for any given disaster with the right attachments and filters. This machine creates a near perfect vacuum of 21 HG (or 2/3 perfect vacuum). It can run any cleaning chemical or agent allowing for multiple uses and makes this the most versatile machine for any disaster or cleaning needs. The Prodigy Bio can also produce over 4000 psi for ensuring a deep clean of any given surface. That pressure also facilitates cleaning in any direction upside down, angled, or straight up and down. With the correct attachment this machine can also clean surfaces like skin and animal fir.

Clean and Capture
clean and capture

Clean and Capture is defined as: “The process by which high pressure, agitation, and immediate extraction occurs within a closed tool head”

You can reclaim all liquids and chemicals used during cleaning without contaminating other areas or nearby water sources which could then drain to your water supplies. This technology can also be coupled with special filters for nuclear and haz-mat decontamination. So, no matter what your disaster needs are, Clean and Capture is ready to help.

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Contaminant Extraction System
contaminant extraction system

CES or Cleaning Extraction System, was developed to handle the problem of cleaning contaminated soil and foliage. A specially designed semi permeable membrane and tools were created to allow our Clean and Capture tools to decontaminate soil and other organic surfaces while leaving the material in place. This means that we can clean your grounds without having to remove topsoil and expensive replacements for ground keeping. This also means that the overall environment is improved and not harmed during the decontamination process.

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Auto Pump Out

A single PowerPlus Auto Pump Out can handle 1600 gallons per hour with a larger unit handling 6000 gallons per hour. These robust units are built into our Prodigy Bio units to help in the decontamination process. The Auto Pump Out was built to meet city specifications in regulating waste dumping. We pump out clean water that is safe for the environment. Being able to remove large amounts of liquids is also valuable when having to deal with contaminated water or chemicals.

Shallow Water Solutions
Shallow Water Solutions

Chemical and Oil slicks do not stay out at sea or in deeper waters where they can be easily dealt with. They move into shallow waters making it impossible for deep drafted boats to maneuver around. PowerPlus has adapted the CES technology to be mounted to shallow draft boats that can enter into any shallow water marsh or swamp. The flat bottom boats make a perfect mobile "stationary" platform.